Countering Violent Extremism through Data Driven Innovation
From digital capacity building to counter-messaging campaigns, we use data-proven techniques to ensure our clients respond to violent extremism effectively.

Meet the Team


Ross Frenett


Ross founded Moonshot CVE in order to place the exponential power of emerging technology at the heart of efforts to counter violent extremism. Ross draws on a unique blend of experiences, from mobilising global networks of former extremists to advancing tech solutions in the private sector.

Vidhya Ramalingam


Vidhya founded Moonshot CVE with a mission to embed bold experimentation into efforts to counter violent extremism, combining scientific rigour with an appetite for risk. Vidhya’s vision is underpinned by a decade of experience engaging with extremists, building new partnerships with activists, and advancing policy design.

Dr. Craig McCann


With over a decade of experience in counter terrorism and policing, Craig oversees operations of the London office and heads Moonshot's programmes on online interventions. His PhD research explored state responses to far right extremism.

Antonia Raithatha


Antonia develops our global campaigns and social media strategy. She draws on a wealth of experience managing digital marketing in diverse sectors, promoting everything from human rights to fashion.

Carolyn Hoyle


Carolyn is a counter violent extremism expert with a particular focus on gender, online radicalisation, and innovative research methods. Carolyn has managed international development projects in conflict-affected areas in the Middle East.

Danny Sloan

Lead Developer and Data Scientist

Danny oversees the of development of the company’s in-house data mining, analysis and reporting software. With a background in both informatics and anthropology, Danny works to embed Moonshot's technology into all aspects of project delivery to advance our experimental methods and scientific rigour.

Grant Helm


Grant is responsible for R&D across the team and spearheads new initiatives, from guerilla marketing to tech development. In his spare time he’s pursuing a PhD in International Relations at Lancaster University.

Karina Weitzer


Karina brings vast experience to her role at Moonshot CVE, having spent the last six years managing and contributing to projects for a range of government clients on Iran, Yemen, the Ukraine, the Bahamas, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Iraq. Most recently she managed a monitoring and evaluation program in support of strategic communication efforts in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Ludovica Di Giorgi


With experience working in international human rights and law, Ludovica coordinates projects with a particular focus on race relations and hate groups.​

Stevie Voogt


Having pioneered some of Australia’s most creative CVE work engaging with far-right extremists online, Stevie is advancing our intervention and counter-messaging methodologies. She is also leading operations and governance.

Ahmed Baky


Ahmed has experience working for social media platforms across different Arabic markets, and comes from an academic background in International Relations, Islamic Movements and Political Islam.

Alexa Hassan


Alexa holds degrees in Psychology and Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism, and has conducted research on lone actor terrorism. She is currently assisting communications and campaigns across the organisation.

Soulaima Chamsi-Pasha


Soulaima is a native French and Arabic speaker with a background in law, and field experience working with refugees in Europe and the Middle East. At Moonshot CVE, she is responsible for providing Arabic and French language support to projects.
Matt H

Matthew Hall


Matthew has a background in Software Engineering and Social Sciences and has an interest in adapting programs and emerging online tools to the CVE Space. He currently supports the team through database development, data analysis, and creative design.